10 July 2019

Day 3- Robin Hill Country Park (and the beach!)

We woke early this morning and after breakfast we set off in the coaches to our main destination for the day – Robin Hill Country Park.  On arrival, we split into our groups and headed towards the 4D simulator and the ‘Colossus’ ride. We were amazed to see beautiful peacocks and peahens wandering around the park (trying to rob our lunches I think) and so we headed for the trees to challenge ourselves on the squirrel run! After lunch, some of us went to watch an amazing falconry display where we saw a giant eagle owl, a Harris’s hawk and a peregrine falcon called Patrick. Exhausted -and slightly more tanned than at the beginning of the day- we returned to our accommodations and relaxed in our rooms before dinner. The warm weather meant we were able to visit the beach for the evening and with the teachers standing guard in the sea, we paddled and played until finally, we returned home for a good night’s sleep!

Such an amazing day! I doubt there will be many of us up late tonight! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Published on 10th July, 2019

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