09 July 2019

Day 2 on the Isle of Wight.

After a few hours sleep, we woke up (some as early as 5.30am!!!!!) and had a lovely breakfast before it was all aboard the coaches and off to the castle ruins to Carisbrooke! We climbed the steep stairs to the battlements and many a ‘selfie’ was taken with the beautiful views of the countryside. We visited the museum and tried on some of the amour worn. The donkeys, Jack and Jill, were a real favourite, as was the shop!!! After a picnic lunch on the field, the children from all four sites played football, cricket and tennis, carefully umpired by various members of staff. Finally, we returned, with some very exhausted children, to our accommodation to get showered and dressed for the evening!

We are just about to have dinner before we head to an exciting night of laughter and singing at the theatre! We will update you later…

Published on 9th July, 2019

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