29 March 2021


The Parents Teachers Friends Association (PTFA) would like to welcome everyone back to school and have written a Spring Quiz for children to do over the holidays. If you would like to participate, please click here for more information and to download the quiz. There is an option for older and younger children, with an answer sheet provided. The quiz is free, however, if you would like to make a suggested donation then please register on the website or put a donation in an envelope and post in the PTFA postbox on the entrance to the lower site.
We haven’t been able to raise as much as would usually do this year due to lockdown, so every penny is appreciated. All the money donated goes towards improving the experience of our children at school and pays for things such as the wonderful Book Week event that was held earlier this half term, as well as school equipment.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy the quiz!

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Published on 29th March, 2021

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