25 June 2021

CYP LOWER – EYFS Sports Day: Rain didn’t stop play!

Despite a rather drizzly and grey start to the day this morning, the Early Years’ Sports Day went ahead as planned for the Nursery and Reception children! The children (and adults) all showed wonderful enthusiasm for all the ten games on offer, including: space hoppers, hurdles, running, parachute, dressing-up race, beanbags on heads, beanbags in hoops, transferring water from one bucket to another, egg and spoon and the sack race.

Thank you so much to all the parents and carers who braved the inclement weather to support their children during this exciting morning. The children were each rewarded with an ice-pop for their efforts in being such good sports and excellent team players. Go Team Cypress!

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Published on 25th June, 2021

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