26 June 2017

Croydon Athletics

On Monday, the boys braved the heat and participated in the preliminary heats of the competition.  The boys did us proud and Shaquille, Jeremy and Shawn made it through to the semi-finals on Wednesday.  To end the day, the boys' relay team took to the track.  Great sportsmanship being demonstrated by Dant'e who stepped in at the last minute to get the team through to the semi-finals.

Tuesday was the girls' turn.  They were up against some tough competition but rose to the challenge and Rihanna-Moore and Nevaeh made it to the semi-finals in their sprint, Zharnae got through in long jump and the girls' relay team took first place in their heat.

There was a high level of excitement on Wednesday as we approached the arena.  The afternoon was kicked off with the girls' relay semi-finals.  Rihanna-Moore, Dainnah, Emily, Nevaeh and Zharnae took to the track to secure their place in the finals!  Then it was the boys' turn.  Mohamed, Zane, Romaan, Kelason and Shawn passed the baton seamlessely, took first place and made it through to the finals.

Shawn retained his title of fastest boy in his year group coming first in the Year 5 sprint finals.  Zharnae flew through the air and into the sandpit coming second in the finals of the long jump.

Then it was time for the last event – the relay finals!  The girls went first against the 6 fastest relay teams in Croydon.  They gave it everything they had and came 5th.  Well done, girls!

Finally, the boys had their turn.  With excellent handovers, legs like lightning and lots of determination, the boys came first retaining the shield for the third year running!  Well done, boys!

A great week was had by all.  We are so proud of the entire team!

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Published on 26th June, 2017

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