27 February 2018

BINF – School council success.

The school council plays an important role at Beulah, regularly meeting to represent their own class and share ideas about matters that are important to themselves and their friends.  Through these meetings, senior leaders were informed that children from across the school had requested more play equipment to take outside at morning break and lunchtime.  The school council decided to hold a “wear your trainers to school day” in order to raise money for the equipment, they publicised it well through posters and fliers that they created.  The day was a great success and each class in year 1 and year 2 are now fully equipped for fabulous, fun playtimes – our lunchtime supervisors seem to be enjoying themselves too!  Our reception children enjoy playing with the equipment too (although today’s focus has mainly been on the snow!).

Our new goal is to raise money for some new musical instruments and books so that we can enjoy music and reading outside (once the weather is warmer!)

Published on 27th February, 2018

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