14 June 2019

BINF – Healthy Schools Week

Yesterday we were joined by some of our parents to celebrate the learning that we have been doing during Healthy Schools week.  We saw a fine array of work that represented our different ideas about what staying healthy means.  Our reception classes had read the story of “The Bad Tempered Ladybird” and focused on their own feelings identifying what made them feel bad tempered or cross.  They then had a discussion about what made them feel happy, it was pleasing to hear that so many of our reception said that playing with their friends cheered them up!  In years one and two the children learnt about many different types of staying healthy, talking about mental health and physical health.  The range of work was very impressive and included healthy menus, exercise routines and posters about how to stay healthy through resting, sleeping, exercising and eating a balanced diet. Indigo class brought the assembly to a close with a fabulous “Healthy Food Rap” –

You are what you eat,

You eat what you are,

If you eat the right stuff then you’ll go far…………

Published on 14th June, 2019

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