19 July 2019

BINF – Harvesting a rainbow!

Back in May we told you about the children at Beulah planting a rainbow of vegetables and fruits.   They planted orange carrots, bright red tomatoes, scarlet beetroot, emerald green courgettes, purple cabbage, creamy white cauliflowers and a whole host of other healthy vegetables.  Over the last two weeks we have been harvesting the vegetables that we planted, cutting the crunchy lettuce leaves, pulling up the carrots from their beds and popping the peas out of their pods.  We were surprised at how bitter the lettuce leaves tasty,  we didn’t enjoy it at all!  The vibrant red strawberries were simply scrummy and the freshly popped peas were sweet with a slight crunch.  We have really enjoyed planting our rainbow and through this experience we have learnt lots about where our food comes from and how to eat a balanced diet.

Published on 19th July, 2019

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