27 April 2018

BINF – Creepy crawly critters!!

On Thursday our reception and nursery children had some very special visitors!   Our friends from ZooLab brought some amazing animals to our school for us to look at and learn about.   Some of us were even brave enough to touch and hold them.   We learnt lots of interesting facts, did you know that a scary scorpion glows under an ultra-violet light?   We found out that the Madagascar hissing cockroach likes to eat fruit and vegetables and that the Giant African millipede can grow up to 38cm long.  We enjoyed looking at the beautiful colours and patterns on the Corn snake’s body.  Some people believe that this snake is called a Corn snake because the markings on its tummy look similar to the pattern of corn on the cob!

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Published on 27th April, 2018

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