06 March 2017

BINF – Celebrating World Book Day

Children and staff from across the school were dressed in costumes to portray characters from their favourite books.

Our World Book Day parade was directed by a slightly crazy Willy Wonka and his favourite Oompa Loompa.  Prizes were awarded to children who had made extra effort in designing and making their own costumes at home.  It was fabulous to see the variety of costumes that had been created by both staff and children to celebrate this special day.  We were joined by everything from whizzpopping friendly giants with elephant sized ears to scholary young ladies with magical powers.  Enormous crocodiles snapped at the tails of fantastic foxes whilst fearsome pirates avoided being squashed by juicy giant peaches!

Thank you to all the children, parents and staff who worked together to make World Book Day such a memorable event.  What a scrumdiddlyumptious day we had!

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Published on 6th March, 2017

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