16 November 2018

BINF – A congratulations letter from the Minister of State for School Standards

Our year 1 children are working extremely hard during their phonics lessons to ensure that they know all 44 sounds in the English language. Did you know there are 120 different ways to write these sounds!  Our lessons are really fun, they always start with learning and rehearsing a new sound.  Then we have lots of different opportunities to read and write with the new sound.  To finish the lesson we play games to help us remember all the other sounds that we have learnt!  Today we received a letter from the Minister of State for Schools in recognition of our outstanding achievement in the 2018 phonics screening check.  With 95% of our pupils at Beulah reaching or exceeding the pass mark in the check, our school is in the top 9% of all primary schools in the country. We are so proud of this amazing achievement! If you would like to read this letter please click here.

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Published on 16th November, 2018

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