18 October 2018

BINF – A celebration of black history

As a multi-cultural school we always celebrate the achievements of the children and adults in our community and throughout our curriculum.  We work together, learn together, laugh together and grow together as a Beulah family.  The month of October is set aside to learn about, honour and celebrate the achievements of black men and women throughout history.  In today’s assembly our reception children told us that over 90 years ago an inventor called Garrett Morgan invented traffic lights with three colours.  Year 1 told us about Usain Bolt being the fastest man on Earth, how Martin Luther King Jnr fought for equality and how Mary Seacole nursed soldiers back to health during the Crimean War.  Purple class played a Kuku rhythm on the djembe drums, Kuku was originally used in Africa to celebrate the women returning from fishing trips.  In Lilac class children took on the role of President Obama,  writing sentences about what they would do if they were a president.  Anna-Luiza wrote that she would “build houses for all the poor people” and Michael said that he would “save people that were in danger.”  Indigo class had written speeches based on the “Yes we can” speech that Barack Obama made in 2008.  Demarni wrote “We can help people to have lots of food, yes we can!”, Ramses wrote “We can help homeless people, yes we can!” and Andreea wrote “We can help people to find jobs, yes we can!”.  The children sang a song from Senegal called Fatou Yo and we all enjoyed singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. The assembly came to a close with our year 2 choir singing a medley of gospel songs, not only did they learn the words for Swing Low Sweet Chariot, When The Saints Go Marching In and I’m Gonna Sing, they also managed to sing it in a three part round!  A big thank you to all the parents that were able to join us in our celebration.

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Published on 18th October, 2018

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