20 October 2016

Balloon bonanza at EPS

Comets and Planets classes remembered a much loved character by sending 'good-bye' notes attached to helium filled balloons.  Corky Pigeon, star of thrilling novel 'Krindlekrax', dies unexpectedly. To remember him, the children stepped into the shoes of Ruskin Splinter, his best friend, and wrote farewell notes.  They explained what they missed about him and how they felt about the fact that he had gone.

In the afternoon, Mr Winborn and Mr Strutt read and discussed the final chapters of 'Krindlekrax' with Year 4. Then, to reflect a central theme of the story, the children had a tea-party celebrating Corky's life.  They had toast, marmalade, chocolate biscuits and even cups of tea.  After this, with the help of Miss Thorn, Mrs D'Souza and Mrs Springall, the children attached the letters, that they had written to Corky, to the helium filled balloons.  Yes, it was a challenge to prevent them from escaping to the top of the ceiling, but both Comets and Planets did a great job! 

The celebrations climaxed when everyone stepped outside to release their balloons.  Although some ended up in the trees and on the roof of the school, there were a decent number of balloons that disappeared into the sky.  On the backs of their notes, the children included a return address and so we are awaiting responses.  We are sure Corky would be proud of and grateful to all of Year 4. Thank you!

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Published on 20th October, 2016

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