08 October 2019

A GOLD star for Whitehorse Juniors

Whitehorse Junior School have always been a shining ‘gold star’ but now it is official with our new gold TfL STARS award!  We have been a part of this inspiring scheme for some time which has helped to challenge our young Londoners to think differently about health and well-being.  Throughout the years we have been working more and more to actively promote sustainable travel, with the aim of:

1.  Reducing congestion around our school

2.  Improving road safety

3.  Enriching our children’s health and wellbeing

We have run numerous cycle courses, and competitions as well as encouraging our children to walk to school where possible.  Our Junior Travel Ambassadors are looking forward to another jam packed year with even more on our agenda to endorse sustainable travel in Thornton Heath.

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Published on 8th October, 2019

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