19 June 2017

EPS Sports’ day

The sun shone.  The crowds cheered.  The children ran, jumped, kicked, bounced, hopped, threw and did all manner of other sporting things.  Last week, all the children, right the way through from Nursery to Year 6 took part in our Sports’ Days.  On Wednesday, it was the turn of KS2 and after everyone had been around the carousel of activities all the points were added up with Athens taking the lead.  There were races in the afternoon with everyone supporting each other and even a few parents stretching their legs.  The siblings race was a big success with the older children helping their baby brothers and sisters to toddle their way along the track.

On Thursday, it was the turn of KS1 and Reception to work their way around the field supported by a good crowd.  After the points were added, it was Corinth who won Key Stage One.  Again, there were races in the afternoon and even the children from Moon class took part despite a few false starts.

The two days were filled with examples of children showing good sporting values: trying their best, supporting each other, competing and, most importantly, having fun.  The overall winners, once all the scores were combined, were Athens.  Well done to them but also to all the children who took part.  Many thanks to Mr Dunford for all his hard work in putting the whole thing together and to all the parents who came along and supported the children.

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Published on 19th June, 2017

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