02 July 2021

Eco Squad come to the rescue

The newly reunited Eco Squad have signed up to the Great British Spring Clean 2021 and have been litter picking in the school grounds as well as in our local community. So far they have litter picked for a total of 3 hours, which between them is a combined total of 1800 minutes! This has resulted in a total of 13kg of rubbish gone from our local environment.

Caring for our environment is so important for many reasons – did you know that in 2020, the RSPCA recorded over 8000 incidents of animals injured by litter? Getting outside and staying active is also really good for our mental health so why not take some inspiration from our Eco Squad and become a  #LitterHero yourself? (Always be careful not to pick up anything that could be dangerous or harmful – take an adult with you and wear protective gloves).​

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Published on 2nd July, 2021

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