01 April 2021

Cypress Upper: Spring term Success!

We have been taking stock this week and reflecting on all of our achievements this term. We have shown resilience during our period of home learning, managed distractions and persevered through challenging times and used our cognitive strategies to help us learn deeply, making greater progress. There has been so much to celebrate this term!

Cypress Superstars: Well done to Carianne, Ruby and Mujtaba for their very creative Easter cards. They had incorporated 3D elements and one had a flap to lift! Very impressive! Well done also to Beech class for their Easter egg decorating efforts! A big well done to Molly and Lana, who won a prize for their creativity!

Curriculum Achievement Gold Award winners: Birch: Ashtri & Thomas, Cedar: Ian & Viola, Holly: Pietro & Cara, Rowan: Alima & Mohammed, Hawthorn: Ilyas & Elouise, Lime: Greta & Alex W., Sycamore: Freda & Sam, Willow: Joan & Sebastian, Hazel: Macie & Gabriella, Larch: Farida & Izi, Oak: Isabella & Michael, Beech: Sha’Daniel & Holly. Well done to you all; we are very proud of you!

Rainbow winners:

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Holly Beatriz – for being resourceful in lessons Pietro – for making links in our maths work
Cedar Viola – Wonderful writing about Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda that I really enjoyed reading. Flora –  Wonderfully creative writing about Bruce Bogtrotter – it was a joy to read, Flora!
Birch Joe has a fantastic week; we especially loved your acting of Bruce Bogtrotter eating that chocolate cake! Tyren- for staying so absorbed in every task this week and for being such a independent learner especially in Maths.
Lime Ruby – using her prior knowledge and reasoning skills to solve a 2digit number multiplied by 9 Deimante – for being absorbed in her tasks and questioning when she is stuck
Hawthorn Evan – Showing great perseverance in both English and  Maths. Nikolai – managing his emotions in order to have positive starts to his day.
Rowan Tiago – for using great reasoning skills. Alima – for making links in maths
Hazel Luiza – great progress in her writing. Indya – great attitude in maths lessons.
Willow Dirush – excellent work with equivalent fractions. Nouria – excellent descriptive writing based on The Highwayman.
Sycamore Alex – well done for challenging yourself in our maths lessons. Carla – well done for always showing great resilience
Beech Owen- for demonstrating great perseverance and creativity when creating his timeline of Ancient Greece Silvana- for using fantastic reasoning skills when working out unknown values of shapes
Oak Isabella – great work during science in creating a fantastic classification key for birds. Alesha – for creating a wonderful, thoughtful BLP poster.
Larch Dan  – for constructive and well thought out contributions in class. Spike –  for always contextualising and referring to prior knowledge to justify or exemplify contributions and ideas.


Mystery Story Writing Competition:

The results are in! Well done to all that took part. All those who took part have received a certificate and winners have received their prizes! The stories were enthralling and I know from speaking to Margaret Bateson-Hill and Mrs Parker, that it was exceptionally hard to select winners because the quality of the entries was so high! See below to see and celebrate the winning entries.

Brighten Your Bag Competition

Well done to Ilaria (Rowan), who won Croydon’s Brighten our Bag competition (see the gallery). Ilaria won a £20 book voucher. Wow! Let us know which books you pick!

Local charity Upper Norwood Association for Community Care (UNACC) situated next to South Norwood Lake is offering free chilled meals that require reheating for children during the Easter Holidays, from Tuesday 6th April until Friday 16th April 2021. Meals will be available for pick up at 12.30pm – 1pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Meals must be ordered in advance, you can order by 6pm the day before pick up by emailing admin@unacc.org.uk with the number of meals you would like to order, adding ‘Free kids meals’ in the subject field, or by texting your name and the number of meals you would like to order to 07720 601153.
See http://unacc.org.uk/lunches from Monday 5th April 2021 for full details.


Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists Summer Show

The Young Artists’ Summer Show is a free, open submission exhibition for young artists aged 5 – 19 years studying in the UK and British schools overseas. To take part, students, their parents/guardians or school can submit artworks. Cypress Primary is registered with the RA and you can create a parent/child account. When submitting your child’s art, it will ask you to add the school name. You will find the school when you begin to type the name in. If you are finding self- submission difficult, you can email your submission to us and we can submit on your behalf. Any entries should be sent along with accompanying title, description of medium, short statement about the piece and the permission form (this can be brought in by your child and given to the office)  to cypadmin@pegasusacademytrust.org. This should be submitted by no later than Wednesday 21st April. Please note the school cannot submit on your behalf without a signed permission form. If you are submitting directly to the RA, which is preferred, the deadline is Monday 26th April.

Your artwork will be seen by our panel of judges and the selected pieces will be shown in our online exhibition. Some of the artworks will also be shown at the Royal Academy of Arts. Prizes are awarded each year for two inspiring artworks from each key stage, as chosen by the President of the Royal Academy, and you can also vote for your favourite artwork in our annual People’s Choice Award. All prize winners will receive vouchers for art materials plus a free practical workshop for their school. Take a look at the 2020 prize winning artworks.

If you would like to take enter please read the guidance attached to this news story.  Please follow the link above to see examples. I have also attached the teacher’s guide which gives an insight to the types of works that have been successful previously. Please click here to read more and to register.

What a creative and exciting activity to undertake during the holidays! We hope you manage to enter; have fun and get creative!

We hope you have a wonderful break!


Mrs. Carpenter & the Upper School team

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