07 March 2019

Year 5 Celebrating WBD with Margaret Bateson-Hill

Year 5 were extremely lucky today, as they spent it with our Cypress patron of reading: Margaret Bateson-Hill. As it was also World Book Day, Margaret started the day off with a whole school assembly, where she mesmerised everyone with her tale of a magical paper cutter and her fierce dragon protector.

After that, Margaret visited each of the Y5 classes, where children had the pleasure of listening to a further story, and then they were asked to consider a very important question: who is their secret inner-self? This involved the children thinking about what magical or super powers they would have, and how they would use these powers. Would they have a special object that would aide them, or would a certain object or place destroy their newfound abilities? From this, the children then had a go at writing the beginning of a story of how they discovered this inner-self. Be sure to ask the Y5 children who they imagined themselves to be, as it might surprise you; apparently, we have a few superheros, spies and shape shifters amongst us!

Finally, the fantastic day was finished by Margaret leading a book-making workshop after school, where the children were taught how to create a mini book out of just one sheet of A4 paper. The children loved designing the front cover and they all made a start on the content of the books too. Make sure to ask one of the children how they made the books, I’m sure they’ll be able to teach you.

It was a brilliant day, full of stories and creativity. Thank you to Margaret and the PTFA for making this possible.

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Published on 7th March, 2019

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