09 October 2020

Wonderful learning in Y5

We have been very busy this week in Y5! In thematic, we placed events in chronological order as part of our history learning and some of us used our noticing skills to explore a range of Viking artefacts and then sketched them in an art lesson. In science, we learnt about the solar system and discovered very interesting facts about the planets – for example, did you know that from far away, it looks like Saturn has seven rings?

Also, over the week we carried on exploring our current text – Beowulf – to find out more information about the characters and their intentions. Using that information, we then wrote an informal letter as Beofulf to his father, Edgetheow. Make sure you ask your children what they included in their letter, as they were all very absorbed and produced some wonderful writing.

Here are some pictures from this week, so please look through them. We will be sure to update you again soon as to what amazing things are happening in Y5.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Y5 team

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Published on 9th October, 2020

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