09 March 2020

School street scheme at Cypress Primary now fully operational

We are pleased to report that the signs for the ‘School street’ scheme are now in place at the bottom of Cypress Road which means that the scheme is fully operational.  The impact has been immediate with only two cars reported to have been driven up Cypress Road this morning.  There have been multiple notifications of this scheme and we are trying to notify drivers by putting up our own signs by the message doesn’t seem to have reached one or two drivers.  Nevertheless it remains the case that £130 fines will be issued for all who enter Cypress Road during the restricted hours.  Details are in the document below.

Additionally Southern Gas Networks (SGN) are also working at the bottom of Cypress Road as a response to an emergency gas leak.  They are scheduled to be finished later this month but the work has been complicated by the sheer depth of the excavations – 4.5m.  Who knew that the ‘M25 of gas pipes’ ran along our very own Auckland Road.  Parents and carers should continue to allow extra time for their journeys as Auckland Road is still severely congested in the mornings.

There will be further parking restrictions on Auckland Road coming into place in the next few months.  The message we should take from all of this is that Croydon Council, the Mayor of London and Cypress Primary encourage families to walk, scoot, or cycle to school or use public transport.  The health and environmental benefits are clear to anyone who has enjoyed the dramatic change on Cypress Road since Monday.  Jolyon Roberts

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Published on 9th March, 2020

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