08 March 2019

Join us for lunch at Cypress Upper school

Now that our new kitchen at Cypress Upper is complete and the staff have had a chance to get used to all its new features we are able to offer a couple of opportunities for parents and carers to join us for lunch over the next three weeks.

The first date we have is next Friday the 15th (red nose day).  We can offer 25 places for parents to join us and places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  This will be a normal Friday menu – fish and chips and all the normal salads/breads etc. and will be at no cost to parents – thanks to our catering partner Harrison CateringIf parents and carers would like to make a donation to Comic Relief by putting some money in the collecting tin at the school office that would be appreciated.  Please arrive in the front office on the Upper School site at 12:15.

The second day is for mums only and is a special menu in honour of mother’s day.  This will take place on Thursday 28th March – again please arrive at 12:15 and report to the front office. We would please ask that if you attended the lunch on the 15th March you do not come twice in order to allow as many parents as possible to attend.  Again this lunch is at no cost to parents and 25 places are available.

If you would like to join us please either speak to Mrs. Maulloo in the Upper School office or e-mail her cypadmin@pegasusacademytrust.org marked ‘FAO Mrs. Maulloo – Join us for lunch’.  I hope to be able to meet some of you there and thanks to Comms group for the suggestion.

Jolyon Roberts

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Published on 8th March, 2019

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