23 April 2015

Incredible Us!


Incredible! Suuuuuuuuper!!!


Super Girl!

By:  Chadane and Harmony

Turquoise class have been learning about our feelings so we made Incredible Me envelops. They are basically a envelope that has good comments about you.

This is how we make them:  we take an envelope and then we decorate our envelopes and write “Incredible [insert name]” on the front.

Our teacher, Miss Stotz, laminated the envelopes so they would last a long time.

When this was done, we wrote nice comments about each other to put in everyone’s envelopes. Reading the comments was really exciting!  There were lots of positive things that people said and made everyone feel happy and special.


Reading and enjoying our positive comments.


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Published on 23rd April, 2015

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