28 September 2018

How to give your child an advantage through homework

An opportunity to learn about the benefits of previewing whilst taking part in a food tasting session.

We are officially RITZ READY and you are cordially invited to come along and taste the food now being served in our newly opened upper school kitchen.

The culinary delights will be served between 6.00pm and 6.30pm, followed by an interactive presentation exploring previewing.

Previewing is the process of teachers sharing what will be studied in advance of the lesson with the children. The children then have the opportunity to research, understand and practice the skill at home.

If the skill is understood at home before coming to the lesson, the teacher can focus on providing deeper challenge when in lessons, rather than practising the skill or sharing knowledge. This allows your child to gain an advantage in lessons, as they will enter the classroom with greater confidence, a knowledge of the topic to be studied and an increased opportunity to work at greater depth.

We look forward to seeing you all for FUN and FOOD!

The Cypress Team

Date: Tuesday 16th October

Time: 6.00pm – 7.15pm

Place: Upper School Hall

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Published on 28th September, 2018

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