23 January 2017

Grammar Week

We have had a fantastic week at school focusing on ensuring that we are making great progress in knowing how to apply correct grammar expectations.

The week started with a show called “Grammar Girl”. There were three performances, each aimed at different age groups: years 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6. The shows taught the expected grammar knowledge related to the age groups.

The show was very action packed and based on a superhero story-line. The children enjoyed it very much, as did the staff. I hope you have been able to speak with your children about what they have been learning in school.

Grammar Week Posters, the winners are announced.

Infants: Kaleb—Blue class  Juniors: Yasmin—Elm class

Well done to the winners, who will each receive a book voucher.

Well done to everyone who took part; we had lots of fun doing the posters and looking at them. Now let’s hope we remember to incorporate their messages routinely into our writing!

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Published on 23rd January, 2017

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