06 May 2015

Election fever grips Cypress!

On the day of the General Election, Cypress will be holding its own election to decide which of the three parties standing has the best ideas for a “Dream School”.

Our three year 5 classes have each formed a political party and have been campaigning hard at school to win votes from their fellow pupils and staff at school.

The three parties are:

The Red Party – Cypress Dream Republic (Willow class)

The Green Party – You Before Us (Sycamore class)

The Blue Party – The Future Makers (Horse Chestnut class)

All three have made speeches to the school, published manifestos and have been coming up with creative ways to get their key policy message across to the electorate.  You Before Us have even produced a Party Political Broadcast!  Click on the thumbnail below to watch it.

Check in again on Friday morning to find out which party has won the most votes!


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Published on 6th May, 2015

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