23 May 2016

Day one at Butlins

Day one at Butlins has been really fun. The journey was long  but we saw lots of intresting things like Stonehenge, cows, sheep and  horses. There was also a lot of good music . When we arrived we went to our rooms. We were all fighting over which beds we wanted. The rooms have a lot of space and we really like them. We did a tour of the Butlins site, it was amazing! We can’t wait to climb the big wall.

The food is delicious and they have good portions and the presentation of the deserts looks very pretty. Picture to follow  tomorrow!

After  dinner  we make up stories about egg protection and after that  we had to protect water balloons in box.




Looking forward  to our first night !

By  Sienna & Nia

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Published on 23rd May, 2016

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