31 January 2020


Cypress has won yet another game this season in football! This time, it was Cypress versus The Crescent! Cypress came out on top with an astonishing score of 5-0! The victory was possibly one of the team’s greatest wins yet! It seemed like a rather intense match! The centre-back on the team, Robert, explained what happened during the match.

“So, our team scored early on due to a defensive mistake making it 1-0 to Cypress. The defenders from The Crescent then made a poor pass and one of my teammates intercepted it. He then made a run and scored, bringing us up to 2-0. Then after a bit, it was half time. Then, not long afterward, the 2nd half began. Now, our opponents had suddenly arisen! They were making incredibly good runs but my teammate and I broke them down. Our striker shot but their goalkeeper saved it!  However, our midfielder got the ball and shot. Once again, our team scored pushing us up to 3-0! The opponents then started playing better. They made quite a good attack but our defender soon got the ball. He got as close as he could to the opposing goal and took a shot. Yet again, a goal for our team. The score rose to 4-0! The opposing team began with the football. They tried to make it but our midfielder gained the ball soon enough. It was near the end of the game now. But, despite this our team scored another goal. 5-0! And, before long, the game was up. 5-0 to Cypress.”

Well, it seemed like quite a tense game. The Cypress team finished on an amazing score and should be proud of themselves. Let’s hope they can score just as shockingly well in their next game and the games that are yet to come.

Well Done Cypress Football Team!

Written by Joe, Beech class

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Published on 31st January, 2020

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