02 October 2020

Cypress Upper School Council

Earlier on in the term, each class across the Upper site held a very important election, where children had a chance to stand as a class representative. Well, we have now had the election and this week we had our first school council meeting! We discussed the importance and the power of the position, making sure it was clear each member understood that they now represent the ‘student voice’ at the school.

Our aim will be to work on a long-term project this year, so each class is in the process to find out what they believe should be improved at our school. Once those ideas have been fed back, we will choose one of them and then set out a plan on how we will achieve it. I have no doubt that whatever will be chosen, will be a great success!

To conclude the meeting, each representative was given their school council badge, which everyone was very eager to put on straight away 🙂

The next meeting will be held just before the half-term break, so watch this place to find out the amazing things we will be working on!

Miss Horvatova

School council leader

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Published on 2nd October, 2020

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