10 December 2018

Cypress Pupil Council visit to Westminster

As part of School Council, we were given the chance to visit the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. It was a chance for us to learn about Politics and Law, the democracy and how to get our voices heard effectively. On our trip, Parliament was breath-taking as apparently there are over 1000 rooms in there. We were fortunate to be taken on a tour that showed us inside the House of Lords and House of Commons. Surprisingly, the House of Commons had a large glass wall in front so that the important meetings are not disrupted. Before going in, we met a man who had a special badge which allowed him to go into the Queen’s own Palace. We all got to touch it! One of the most amazing things in Parliament was a piece of Art that is wired to the Thames. When we first looked at it, it was yellow and green, however, when we came back, it had changed colour to orange and red. It was supposed to symbolise the Suffragette movement. Lastly, we attended a workshop on Campaigning to help us become better leaders in the future. This was really fun because we had to pick special leaders and we got to wear a hat and sash. We learned about the different types of governments, what things are against the law and how to start a campaign.

Overall, we had a great time and we learnt a lot about how to be an effective leader so that our voices can be heard!

Written by Sophia (Year 6)

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Published on 10th December, 2018

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