29 June 2018

Cypress Primary Music Concert

The Cypress Primary Choir joined by our musicians dazzled us with their musical talent last night. We were treated to performances on the violin, recorder, piano, guitar, ukulele, flute and steel pans. We had a fantastic turn out, even though we were in competition with a football match, and the audience really got into the spirit of things at St. John’s Church on the evening of Thursday 28th June 2018.

From ‘London’s Burning’ and the ‘Skye Boat Song’ to ‘Havana’ and the grand finale ‘Yellow Submarine’ there was a great buzz about the place and the performers really got to showcase the end result of all their hard work. Mia, the steel pans teacher, commented on how well they did as she said it was the best performance she had seen them deliver to date, fantastic. We cannot forget the choir who sang beautifully. Their final song ‘Worth’ by Anthony Brown was a real tearjerker as they sang touching lyrics in perfect harmony. Well done all!

We need to give thanks to all those who made it possible: Ms Wharton (piano), Mr Roadnight (guitar and ukulele),Ms Benjamin (choir) and Ms Morgan (steel pans).

A special thanks is extended to Fiona Thompson (violin) and Jo Watts (recorders) who worked tirelessly to get all the musicians from both sites together for rehearsals, no mean feat, and coordinated the evening of entertainment along with Rachel Rae and Father John from St John’s Church.

Well done all, a fabulous night, much better than the football and hope to see you all at our next musical extravaganza!

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Published on 29th June, 2018

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