03 December 2014

Cypress children design a flag for Croydon North

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated by our local MP, Steve Reed, to design a flag to represent Croydon North.  Our flag will be part of the UK Parliament 2015 Flag Project.

In 2015 Parliament will be celebrating two historic anniversaries that signify the beginnings of a journey to rights and representation in the UK, namely the 800th year of the sealing of Magna Carta and the 750th anniversary of the Simon de Montfort Parliament.

To mark the anniversary of the Montfort Parliament of 1265, where elected representatives of the shires and the Burgesses came together for the first time, Parliament has invited 650 schools, one from every constituency, to design a flag to represent where they live.

A selection of flags will be chosen to represent the nations and regions across the UK and will be sewn into flags to fly at a special event at Parliament in 2015.

Here is our flag:

flag design

The children who designed the flag have written the following to explain how they chose this design:

Our flag represents the community in which we live. The centre compass motif represents the multicultural society and shows people holding hands which is a symbol of One World. We chose the red colour to represent our school, Cypress Primary, and show how we fit into our constituency. A tricolour background was used. The brown demonstrates the woodland areas and the gold stripes demarcate the two transmitting towers in Crystal Palace and South Norwood; a recognisable landmark across London. The turquoise was used to symbolise water and the importance of it in our community as well as showing how we all enjoy open spaces in Croydon.

We hope our flag will be chosen to be flown at Parliament in 2015!


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Published on 3rd December, 2014

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