05 October 2018

CYP LOWER – Another fun-packed week in Little Cypress!

What brilliant learners we all are in Little Cypress! We are exploring the environment, inside and out, in both nursery and rainbows. We are very inquisitive and this week we have been really interested in drawing, painting, exploring the pasta and water beads, playing in the role play shop and mud kitchen, building amazing structures with the wooden blocks and engaging in lots of mathematical sorting activities. Rainbows have been self-registering by hanging their wooden discs with their photographs on to the silver tree. We have loved learning new number rhymes and songs using the finger puppets and have been counting down from 5 using our fingers to help us. Our favourite is the Five Cheeky Monkeys! Towards the end of the week we have loved listening to The Gruffalo. We played so imaginatively with The Gruffalo small world scenario and Harry remembered nearly all of the words to the story as he re-told it!  Ask your child what they enjoyed most about the week. Have a lovely weekend!




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Published on 5th October, 2018

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