27 April 2020

Cypress Lower staff staying safe at home with their pets

Hello Cypress friends and family! We are all missing you and hope that everyone is keeping safe and well.

All of the teachers and support staff have been staying in touch with one another and sharing photos of their pets. Some staff don’t have pets, so they’ve been sharing photos of their favourite teddy bears instead. Cute! My two cats are following me everywhere at the moment and are loving all the extra attention they are getting.

We can’t wait to see you all! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these photos.

Mrs Sorensen and the Cypress Lower staff team


Ms Whorms with Lettuce and Hedgehog the guinea pigs Mrs Smalley-Nichoson and Amie the dog Ms Davies with Pearly dog Mrs Sorensen with Luna Lovegood the cat
Mr Stewart’s cat Simba sunbathing in the garden Mrs Lee’s guard dog Doug Ms Mitchell’s teddy Pebbles Ms Whorm’s cat Kasper
Mrs Sorensen with Bellatrix Lestrange (have you guessed the theme?!) Mrs Parker in the garden with her cat Louis Ms Licordari and Dexter the dog Ms Kokkini with Sergio Aguero (Serg to his friends)
Ms Hall and Krystal the cat Tott the teddy cuddling Ms Khudyer Mrs Johnson and her cuddly bear Joe Mr Stewart’s dog Nala
Ms Tressol with Oscar the bear Ms Wenham with fluffy Charlie the dog Max the cat with Ms Hall Mrs Mussard with Milo and the very fluffy Kobi
Mrs Taylor and her best friend Delilah who is trying to give her a kiss! Mrs Luxford with Moose after a walk around South Norwood Lakes Mrs Dutton nurturing her courgette seedling, as if it were her pet! Mrs Jerman and Maple enjoying the sunshine
Ms McLelland and 6 month old Rocket Ms Chapman cuddling Prince Indigo Blue (known as PIB) Ms Wenham with Ruby the husky dog Mrs Mussard with Tiago the cat



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Published on 27th April, 2020

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