20 November 2020

CYP UPPER – Y5 Update

Y5 have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks, so we thought we would give you an update with what they have been up to! Earlier in the term we of course observed our 2 minutes silence to mark Remembrance Day and all the children were thoughtful and respectful during that special time. That same week, the children all had a blast coming into school in their pyjamas and onesies for Children in Need, and lots of money was raised; thank you to everyone that contributed!

Over the past few days, in Sycamore class, the children have been using their noticing and absorption skills to master subtraction, making sure they can illustrate their understanding in a variety of representations. While they were doing this, the pupils were using the correct vocabulary of ‘minuend’ for the largest number and ‘subtrahend’ for the smaller number being taken away. Impressive work Sycamore!

Hazel class have all turned into scientists this week, as they were investigating which materials are dissolvable and I am sure that their noticing skills were also out in full force. Like real scientists, the children then wrote up their investigations in full. Well done Hazel class!

In Willow class, the children have been managing distractions and using their absorption learning powers to write a retelling of our current story (Alma), and they then made sure to write a neat copy. Looks great Willow class!

As well as focusing on all of these activities, the Y5 children showed great resilience skills by taking part in the Pegasus-wide cross country event. We can’t wait to hear the results, have your fingers crossed for the CYP Y5 runners!

We will be back with another update soon,

Y5 Team

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Published on 20th November, 2020

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