18 June 2021

CYP Upper: Upskilling by Distilling!

The weather seemed confused about what it was doing this week, but we certainly aren’t at the Upper School! We have been continuing to distill our learning and think about the most important ‘take away’ ideas from each lesson that will help us make good progress in other sessions.  We know that this process can really help to solidify those ‘golden nuggets of learning’ in our minds. We also had an amazing assembly from Oak class today. We learned about the legacy of ancient Greece and it’s impact on our lives in the modern world – even how it has influenced the name of our Trust and the school houses we are part of! Well done to Oak class children for delivering their lines with such clarity and confidence. The acting was also superb; I cannot wait for the Year 6 performance next month! Well done to Mr Opara, Miss Brewer and Mrs Sa Walmsley for supporting the children to create such an informative and engaging assembly. Parents of Oak class can access a recording of the class assembly by logging into the class blog this evening.

Rainbow Winners

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Holly Layla – for persevering in her first week. Cavani – for being extremely kind and helping our new classmate settle in.
Cedar Renay –amazing independent writing, collaborated brilliantly with her partner. Lalibela – she was absent all week until Friday, but still wrote a really good story independently with some lovely writing features.
Birch Eira- I am so proud of your reading last week you used amazing tone in your voice when you read to your peer. Tuuli- for your amazing efforts in English; using our GROW model you effectively coached your friend with their writing.
Lime Carianne – amazing piece of homework using her prior knowledge about adverts Zeenat- for always absorbed and focused on her task.
Hawthorn Polly – for showing resilience and making links when solving challenging maths problems. Violet – for reviewing , revising and improving her newspaper report.
Rowan Isabella – for working well collaboratively and encouraging her group. Jack – for writing an excellent newspaper report.
Hazel Yusuf – for collaborative learning in maths Isaac – collaborative learning in maths
Willow Eliza – for outstanding effort in writing a narrative based on ‘The Island’ & using the passive voice. Ella – for making excellent progress in understanding decimals.
Sycamore Cai – for recognising when he needs help in his learning and accepting that help as part of the learning process. Tuilelaith – for challenging herself in maths and moving onto extension tasks more frequently.
Beech Miyah- for using excellent absorption and capitalising skills when dividing numbers that have decimal answers. Nasteho- for using the review of the lesson so effectively in maths.
Oak Archy – for taking on board advice about his writing style and beginning to make positive changes to it. Mia – for patiently, calmly and willingly helping her classmates during maths.
Larch Eleanor – for showing great resilience when planning and revising her plans. Leah – for being really brave when speaking in front of the whole class.

Cypress Superstars

Well done to Nealan (Cedar) for gaining his gold Accelerated Reading certificate and to Leah (Cedar) for winning the golden lock – keep scooting Leah! Aaliyah wowed me with her descriptive writing skills when writng creatively about Edward, from the Year 3 text ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’. A big well done also to Sha’ Daniel for winning the Word Wizard rosette for using the word ‘rogue’ correctly in an ambitious sentence.This week’s word is ‘monstrous’. Get your entries into the golden box first thing on Monday morning before a winner is drawn!

Sports Day

We are very pleased to be able to host Sports Day and allow parents to attend this year. We have changed the format to ensure that year groups bubbles remain intact. Children will still enjoy a smaller carousel of activities, races and a tug of war. The weather is particularly changeable of late, but please do pack a hat and sunscreen if the day is warm, as we will be outside for around an hour. We are asking that parents wear masks to attend this event; even though we are outside, we will be relatively close for a prolonged amount of time. We are also asking parents to regularly sanitise their hands and try to remain socially distant from other children and adults. Parents may follow their child around the perimeter of the carousel at a distance. Once the sports session is finished, we are also politely requesting that parents promptly leave the field. This is to allow other year group Sports Day sessions to begin on time. We look forward to seeing you on the Lower School field next Wednesday!

We hope you have a restful weekend.

Mrs Carpenter and the Upper School team

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Published on 18th June, 2021

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