13 July 2020

CYP UPPER- The Circus comes to visit Year 6

This morning, Year 6 were wowed by three amazing circus performers.  Our morning began with a juggler, who wowed us with his tricks and finished with a ‘danger finale’ where he juggled knives and cut a carrot in half that he was holding in his mouth. Next, we had a fire eating performance and the children were amazed at the dances and tricks that she performed showing incredible grace and daring.  Finally, we were treated to the skills of a hoop artist who taught us some amazing skills that we had a chance to practice.  All of year 6 have also been given their own hoop to take home so that they can refine their new skills over the summer.

It is wonderful to see all our Year 6 back in school for the final week of term.  What a great way to start a fantastic final week of term!

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Published on 13th July, 2020

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