16 July 2021

CYP Upper: Reflecting on another wonderful week of learning

It has been another very busy week here at Cypress Upper with lots of exciting learning taking place.  We are getting very close to the end of the school year and it is wonderful to still see the children engaged in purposeful learning. They are all so focused, planning their learning and reflecting on their strengths and areas of development.  What wonderful pupils we have at Cypress!

Holly Class Assembly

We started the day today with a fantastic assembly from Holly class who made links to their favourite book of the year “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”.  They used the lessons he learns in the book to help them distil their own key learning from Year 3 that they will take with them as they move on.  It was wonderful to hear so many examples of “Building Learning Power” and even the class tomato plant “Tom” has been watching closely in science lessons to learn how to grow.  Thank you to Miss Pumphrey for all your hard work!  If you would like to watch the assembly again, it is available on Holly class Blog here.


Thank you to Year 2 for joining us for assembly again. It was so lovely to see your smiling faces and to hear all about your wonderful work once again.

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Holly Amelia – for making a fantastic start to Cypress Mathilde – revising her plans in literacy to get the best outcomes.
Cedar Mark – Wonderful independent work in Maths and Literacy. Amario – for reading lots at home and filling in his diary.
Birch Raul – for your spectacular teamwork skills at Littlehampton Beach. Thomas- for selflessly taking care of your partner during the long coach journey to Littlehampton Beach.
Lime Greta – Amazing knowledge on bar and line graphs! She even accurately constructed her own one! Harry – for amazing acting in our class assembly!
Hawthorn Billy – Managing Distractions and Capitalising in order to improve his work in general. Elouise – Creating amazing artwork, making links with RE.
Rowan Kaiana  – for being absorbed in her art work. Isabella – for showing she cares by happily helping others.
Hazel Nicole – constantly pushing herself to achieve. Gabriele – applying her learning powers in all lessons
Willow Kemara – for pushing herself really hard to achieve the highest standards in maths. Leonor – or making outstanding progress in maths.
Sycamore Bailey – for being resilient in our computing lesson and asking for help from her partner. Carla – for her great attitude in our PE lesson where she used her noticing skills to play games.
Beech Cillian- for being our Euro 2020 superstar. His dedication to the class wall chart and sweepstake has been outstanding! Molly- for dedication to learning her lines for the Year 6 performance despite class bubbles making it tricky.
Oak Ernesto – For setting an example with his reading habits. Alesha – For persisting in improving her handwriting.
Larch Marwan – for his sunny outlook.  A joy to have in the class! Isabella – for showing great persistence while working on her lever picture.
Violet Albert- for improving his writing pace during literacy this week by managing his distractions and using his plan effectively. Amaya- for a fantastic pirate story. Amaya used lots of descriptive language that made her story very exciting to read!
Turquoise Samuel-for using his managing distractions learning power during learning time and independent tasks. Ivy-for being absorbed in her pirate adventure story writing.

Cypress Superstars

Well Done to Maggie in Cedar class for her wonderful English work based on Edward Tulane using a wide range of interesting vocabulary.  Congratulations to Natnale in Rowan class for achieving his gold accelerated reader certificate this week.

This week’s word wizard was Alex in Larch Class who wrote a fantastic sentence using the word ‘generous’.  A special mention also goes to Ben in Violet class who gave a fantastic sentence to his teacher.  This week’s word is ‘recognition’.  Remember to get your entries in by first thing Monday to have a chance of earning the last word wizard rosette for this school year.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Carpenter and Miss Binks

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Published on 16th July, 2021

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