21 July 2021

CYP – Summer of Reading

The long Summer break is nearly here and it’s a wonderful relaxing time that gives as all a chance to explore some new reading! There are lots of Summer Reading Challenges for children out there, but this year I am recommending ones that include rating and reviewing. Reviewing and recommending books to each other is a sharing act and there is no better feeling than recommending a book to someone who then really enjoys it and recommends it on to other people! It’s all about spreading the Book Love!

The Week Junior’s Summer Reading Challenge challenges children to read 3 books over the Summer and to rate and review them on their website. You can access your local library to borrow books or spend your Summer pocket money on some new reading matter. There are also some amazing book voucher prizes if you submit your reviews to their website. How brilliant that by enjoying reading and recommending a book you might be able to win a voucher to buy more books!

Also, if you are not aware of how informative and engaging The Week Junior is, there is an offer of 6 issues for free. Click on the link below for all the Summer of Reading details and booklists for KS2.

I have also included a link to booklists that include our younger readers on the fantastic Toppsta website, who are also offering a review challenge!

Finally, a reminder for children at Lower to keep reading your Bug Club books over the summer 🙂

Have a fabulous Summer of Reading!

Mrs Parker




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Published on 21st July, 2021

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