22 March 2019

CYP Lower – Violet class assembly

This morning Violet class entertained us with a fascinating assembly all about spring and nocturnal animals. The children used loud, clear speaking voices and many were able to recite their spring poems from memory. Violet class revisited their learning from earlier in the school year, teaching everyone interesting facts about nocturnal animals which they had researched during science lessons and in their class reading. Did you know that…

  • Mummy and daddy foxes are called vixen and dog – Isabella
  • Hedgehogs have 5000 to 7000 spikes on their backs – Lena
  • Hedgehogs have 32 small, pointed teeth – Reggie
  • An adult hedgehog is between 20cm and 30cm in length – Tiago
  • Hedgehogs can get eaten by badgers, foxes and owls – Harrison
  • There are around 430,000 foxes in England, Scotland and Ireland – Luke

Well done to the children in Violet class and many thanks to the parents/ carers who came to support their children.


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Published on 22nd March, 2019

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