02 July 2021

CYP Lower Pirates, insect hunts and adventures at the Horniman Museum

I love the final weeks of term, every week there is something exciting happening in all our classrooms and this week was definitely like that at Cypress Lower. In our assemblies we have been thinking about UNICEF and Human Rights, these are the rules that apply to everyone all the world over and not just to those who share a particular place of birth, heritage or religion.  We have learnt that by believing in the idea that everyone, everywhere deserves to be treated fairly is how we make the world a better place and make ourselves better people.

So this week we have been celebrating our right to go to school and get an education;  we have enjoyed our right to meet up with other children,  as well as, our right to play, relax and enjoy sports and hobbies. Our reception children ventured into the woodland and explored the little dark, damp and cosy nooks that a minibeast might like to call its home. Dark damp spots under rocks and logs were particularly good hunting grounds for things like worms, woodlice and spiders, Reception pupils also found little critters like ladybirds, caterpillars and aphids on the flowers, plants and leaves. The children used microscopes to look closely at their extraordinary bodies. It was also time this week to release our butterflies into the wild after nurturing them in their metamorphosis, everyone loved seeing the butterflies fly out of their cage and across the field.

In year 1 the children had an amazing trip to the Horniman museum, looking at African objects, the children used their independent research skills to find three facts about the artefact and understand its purpose, for example musical instruments, cooking utensils and clothing. The children told me how much they loved playing in the grounds of the Horniman Museum and learning about their topic in such an inspirational place.

Today when I walked in the Year 2 classrooms I was rather taken back to be greeted by a mischievous crew of pirates! instead of my normal welcome the classes shouted “Ahoy there Matey!” and encouraged me to read their amazing stories of  voyages across the seas and treasure seeking adventures. The year 2s and their teachers had transformed into fully fledged “cabin boys and girls” capable of walking the plank and sailing the seas. They had so much fun and even had a pirate map cake made by one of our wonderful Mums!

What a wonderful week of learning, have a great weekend,

Mrs Roberts

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Published on 2nd July, 2021

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