16 July 2021

CYP LOWER: Pegasus People Everyday

This week I wanted to illustrate how our school values are captured in our ‘Pegasus people’ statement and at the heart of this is the clear statement “We care”.  We believe this ethos shines through in all learning. These statements of we care; we are proud of ourselves and proud of each other; we are safe, healthy and happy; we have good manners and we strive to be independent learners are regularly revisited in assemblies and displayed in each classroom, they can also be found in the children’ reading diaries.

We care 

In Reception the children / eco warriors have been learning all about taking care of our planet, they created posters to help everyone remember to use less plastic, turn off the taps and the lights when they are not in use and to turn off appliances at the wall so we don’t waste electricity. Orange Class have displayed their posters on the community room wall so that the whole school community can be reminded of the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing our rubbish. Reception have also been practising their recycling skills by putting waste in the correct bins.

We are proud of ourselves and proud of each other

As part of their African topic this term, Green class performed their superb assembly on Thursday.  Drawing on their Ghanaian dance workshop last week  the children showed their dancing skills demonstrated traditional drumming and songs from Swahili.  Green class were able to share with their parents and carers the drums that they had made in design and technology; the Tinga, Tinga stories they had researched and written in literacy; their amazing hand made masks that showed different emotions – see the photos below of Nia’s mask that represents happiness and excitement and James’ representing health and wealth. Many children celebrated their African heritage and spoke of the different countries in Africa where their families had connections. What a wonderful celebration of learning, we are very proud of you Green class!

We have good manners

Year 2 have been making maths games which use all number facts they have learnt over the year.  They used their knowledge of nets to make a die which they then used to play the games.  What I was struck by when I walked around the year 2 classrooms was the manner in which the children played together; taking turns, supporting each other with working out a maths problem and the exceptional manners when talking to me and each other to explaining the game.

We strive to be independent learners 

So Ruby class have been learning from home this week and demonstrated the ultimate test in independent learning, I enjoyed seeing them online for their science lesson this morning and was impressed with the way that they shared ideas and built on each others’ contributions to the session. The fact that they have had 100% attendance demonstrates their commitment and tenacity, they have organised their learning and resources and ensured that work is posted in their blog. Lily D, Pablo, Oliver and  Felix have been awarded Rainbow certificates this week of outstanding learning.   We cant wait to see you back at school Monday!

Next year’s classes 

You will have received your child’s report this afternoon and be aware of the new classes. Here is an overview:

Year 1 

  • Yellow class will become Indigo class and will be taught full-time by Mrs Dutton. They will be supported by Mrs Catterall.
  • Orange class will become Blue class and will be taught by Ms Balhadere on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays Mrs Enahoro will teach Blue class.  They will be supported by Ms Vethakkan and Ms Thomas-Bell.
  • Red class will become Green class and will be taught by Mrs Ebrahim on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Ebrahim previously taught at Cypress and we are very pleased to welcome her back.  On Mondays Ms Enahoro will teach Green class.  They will be supported by Ms Kirlew.

Year 2 

  • Blue class will become Ruby class and will be taught by Ms Wenham. They will be supported by Ms Mitchell.
  • Indigo class will become Turquoise class and will be taught by Mrs Guerry. They will be supported by Ms Fernandez.
  • Green class will become Violet class and will be taught by Ms Hunt. They will be supported by Ms Sompa.

Year 3

  • Ruby class will become Cedar class and will be taught by Mr Shipley.
  • Violet class will become Birch class and will be taught by Ms Khatun.
  • Turquoise class will become Holly class and will be taught by Ms Pumphrey.

Dates for next week 

  • 21/7/21 – Year 2 leavers’ assembly ( GoogleMeet) 10am
  • 20/7/21 –Children meet their new teachers
  • 22/7/21 – Gold Award assembly
  • 22/7/21 – LAST DAY AT SCHOOL 
  • 23/7/23 – INSET DAY

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Roberts


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Published on 16th July, 2021

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