18 October 2019

CYP LOWER – GOLD AWARDS – Autumn 1 – Resilient Learner

Today, in assembly, we celebrated our first Gold Awards of the academic year. We awarded certificates to the children who have been showing the qualities of being a Resilient Learner. Resilience means having the strength and determination to try again or try things differently if something doesn’t work the first time; this means bouncing back when things are difficult! Well done to our incredible Gold Award winners. Their photos will be added to our Gold Award display board in the hall.

The assembly also showcased Ruby Class performing their violin pieces. The children have been learning the violin with Ms Thompson, after having half a term of violin lessons in their enrichment time on a Wednesday. We were all so impressed by how quickly they had picked up the skills needed to play!


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Published on 18th October, 2019

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