01 February 2019

CYP LOWER – Chinese New Year Celebrations begin in Little Cypress

What an exciting week we have had in Little Cypress! We have had a sprinkling of snow and plenty of frosty mornings. We learned how to walk safely when the ground is snowy or icy; penguins have the best technique and we tried to emulate them!

We started to celebrate the Year of the Pig 2019 for Chinese New Year, which falls on Tuesday, 5th February this year. We have painted Chinese symbols for the animals in The Great Race, made and tasted vegetable and noodle stir fry and made some lucky Chinese red money envelopes that are given as presents to bring luck for the New Year.

Now it’s Friday and Book Swap Day! We have had a great response to book donations and are looking forward to taking a book home each at the end of the session.

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Published on 1st February, 2019

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