05 March 2019

CYP LOWER – Book Week – Day 2 at Cypress!

Cypress Lower started the day off with another exciting assembly for Reception and Years 1 and 2. The author, Caroline Crowe, came to visit and told us all about her journey to becoming an author. She told us about the writing she did as a little girl and how she used the power of her imagination to come up with ideas for her books. Caroline read us one of her books, ‘Pirates in Pyjamas’ and she was even dressed up as a pirate!

Caroline then spent the day in the Year 1 classes, doing writing workshops with all the children. The children have been finding out how to structure a story, written a superhero profile and designed their own superhero elephant puppets! Year 1 are going to have lots of fun developing their stories and ideas over the next few days! Some lucky children came after school to buy one of Caroline’s books and have it signed by her. A book to treasure!

Year 1 have also been making their own books with paper doll characters and creating book covers using their fantastic art skills! Enjoy the photos!

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Published on 5th March, 2019

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