08 March 2019

CYP Lower – A finale to Book Week!

And what a finale it was! First of all, we had Turquoise class assembly on the theme of Book Week. This showed us just how busy and inspirational the week has been! Turquoise class has been so inspired by their work with our Patron of Reading, Margaret Bateson-Hill, that they have been writing stories about dragons and they showcased their fabulous singing with two dragon songs! What an amazing effort the class had made with their book character costumes, too. Well done Turquoise class!

Later in the morning we all had the chance to ‘strike a pose’ in our Book Week costumes in assembly. We enjoyed showing off the staff costumes (have you worked out what the staff theme was?!) and were amazed at the inventiveness of the children’s costumes! We also had a visit from Mr Twit, which was surprising considering he doesn’t like children!

In assembly we found out who our Extreme Readers were. Mrs Parker had set the challenge for children to find unexpected places to read their books. We were amazed by the places and poses the children had found – would you read a book on a diving board? Or hanging from the monkey bars in the playground? Did you know so many children can read upside down?!

It has been such a fun end to a fabulous week – thank you to all the staff, children and parents who have supported our week with such enthusiasm!

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Published on 8th March, 2019

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