11 December 2018

Christmas Show opens to rave reviews

EPS’s very first Ultimate Christmas Variety Show has gone down with a bang.  In a show filled with festive songs, witty jokes and dazzling costumes, each class performed their own sketches and songs, delighting the baying audience.  Featuring percussionists, keyboard and ukulele players, there was an Ecclesbourne band, which had been put together especially for the occasion.  Alongside old favourites such as ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ and ‘Merry Christmas, Everyone!’, we were treated to some new tunes, including one written by our very own Mr Spoerer.

The Christmas vibe was well and truly rocking with crazy snowball battles, marshmallows roasting on a fire, raving reindeers and bulging Santas.  Let’s not forget the essential seasonal jokes. “How does a penguin build its home? Igloos it, of course!”

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Published on 11th December, 2018

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