15 October 2020

Celebrating outstanding human beings, Dr. Mae Jemison

Celebrating outstanding human beings, Dr. Mae Jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison aged 6, and as a NASA Astronaut.

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”  Dr. Mae Jemison

As part of our learning for Black History Month, this week in assembly we learnt about Dr Mae Jemison. Mae Jemison is the first African American woman to become an astronaut and enter space. We learnt that when growing up Mae Jemison was passionate about astronomy, the study of stars, planets, and space.  Mrs Roberts explained how Mae loved watching the television programme ‘Star Trek’ and noticed that there were men and woman from different cultures working together to save the universe.  Seeing a black, female astronaut on the television inspired her to follow her dream.  After completing three university degrees, in 1988, Jemison became the first African American woman to complete the NASA training program and flew in the spaceship Endeavour in 1992.

After retiring from NASA in 1993, Jemison founded her own company, the Jemison Group, the company creates new technologies, especially to help developing countries. Jemison also created an international science camp for teenagers to help pursue careers in science, medicine and engineering.

Some questions to test your Dr Mae Jemison’s knowledge.

  1. When and where was Dr. Jemison born?
  2. What degrees does Dr. Jemison hold?
  3. What was the name of the space ship that Dr. Jemison travel in and when did it take off?
  4. What countries in the world has Dr. Jemison worked in?

Extra Question:

Dr. Jemison spent a total 190 hours, 30 mins and 23 seconds in space. Can you work out the number of hours, days and whole weeks that she spent in space? Hand your answers into Mrs Roberts and you may get a prize!


“What we find is that if you have a goal that is very, very far out, and you approach it in little steps, you start to get there faster. Your mind opens up to the possibilities.”

Dr. Mae Jemison

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Published on 15th October, 2020

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