29 January 2021

BRIG-Superb online learning!

I am so proud to share that we have had several classes over the last couple of weeks with multiple days of 100% online attendance! Learning at home is not ideal and teachers want nothing more than to have the children back in their classes when this is safe to do.  However, it is extremely heartening to see the incredibly high attendance levels and the sheer quality of engagement and work being demonstrated by the children.  We thank parents for their support in ensuring children are still learning whilst at home.

Teachers have again been sharing (or more accurately showing off) lots of their children’s work with me and I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of this work here today.  I very much enjoy perusing the blogs to see what you have all been up to and have thoroughly enjoyed watching lots of fitness videos that you have sent in, for fitness week, from the comfort of my office chair! ?  A particular shout out to siblings Amir (YR6) and Eva (YR2) for their fantasic workout video below.

In Reception this week Ayanna made me smile whilst explaining why chocolate makes our teeth sad!  See video below.

In year 1, the children posted a fabulous variety of sheep after being inspired in their RE lesson by the story of the ‘Lost Sheep’.  It was so hard to choose but you can see a couple of lovely examples below.  In year 2, Zayneb shared an image of herself fulfilling her kindness task for the day by helping to wash up for her family-Zayneb you were doing such a good job I’ve left a little pile of my cups in the staffroom sink for you as you seemed to be enjoying yourself so much!  Alysia shared some lovely writing around the Little Red Riding Hood stories they have been composing in year 2.  In year 3, Tala produced a fantastic information leaflet including all the features of a non-chronologcal report.

A fantastic week, please keep sharing your hard work on the blogs.  Please remember to stay safe and if you need some pointers on how to do this check out Hussen in Year 5‘s poster below!


Miss Hall




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Published on 29th January, 2021

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