04 December 2020

BRIG-New Playground Equipment

You have probably noticed a lot of changes on the playground since the children returned in September.   The playground was the last outside space left to develop at Brigstock and we wanted to ensure that the children had an enjoyable but purposeful outside experience during lunch and break times.  As part of the development process we asked the children what they wanted in their outside space.  Feedback, focused on games play spaces.  The two new Goal Ends allow multipurpose games play and this week children have enjoyed five aside basketball and football sessions throughout lunchtimes. 

The climbing frame continues to be a destination piece of equipment for lots of children and it has been lovely to see so many children engaged in a range of activities across break times.  The school has also spent £2,600 on other playground equipment such as stepping stones, building blocks, beanbag targets, cheerleading and dance packs etc to ensure that all children will have the opportunity to find something they enjoy doing at break times.

In regards to social distancing in the new playground space, the Infant and Junior lunch and break times have been split since our return in September.  This means that rather than 210 children at any one time on the playground we only ever have between 90 and 120. The children have more space than ever before under this new arrangement and remain in their bubbles throughout break and lunchtimes.

The feedback from children using all the equipment this week has been nothing but positive and I hope that we have some better weather next week so that we can fully take advantage of our new Goal Ends!

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Published on 4th December, 2020

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