21 May 2021

BRIG-Display Mania!

Following on from Art Week last week many of the Brigstock displays had a refresh to celebrate all the children’s wonderful art work.  Many teachers also took the opportunity to showcase the writing being produced in classes during literacy sessions.  The final displays are looking so lovely that we wanted to share them with you.

Reception shared their Kandinsky inspired art work from Art Week in the ‘Make Space’ and their own written stories of Jack and the Beanstalk in an eye-catching display in the library.

Year 1 created three lovely displays; Art Week Monet collages, African Art and their own fantastic written versions of the the Tinga Tinga Tales.

Year 2 shared their fantastic Iron Man stories and built an amazing Iron Man model.

Year 4 focused on Daniel Mackie during Art Week and their own intricate versions of his artwork encased in the outline of foxes was very pleasing to see.

Year 5 studied Pointillism in their art sessions and the children painstakingly recreated their own pointillism designs.

Year 6 produced some outstanding final pieces of published writing for their ‘Wolf Brother’ unit of Literacy this term.

Finally, during Enrichment years 1 and 2 designed, made and painted their own Monster pots using clay.

It’s wonderful to be able to adorn our school walls with all the children’s fabulous pieces of work.

(A big thank you to all the staff and their creative efforts in putting together these lovely displays)

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Published on 21st May, 2021

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